This work is done in Riópar since 1772, being the first place in Spain which began with an ancient craft, there are large bronze crafts experts within our workforce.

It’s a great development process and high cost of labor, as it starts from the original drawing to finished parts, which decorate from homes, churches, facades and even parks and plazas in the world.

What is bronze?

Is a metal mainly consisting of copper, tin and mixed with a primary additive. Its hardness and stiffness have enabled the metal to remain over time, and managed to be so important that it gave its name to the so-called Bronze Age.

What is the composition of brass?

There are many different bronze alloys, but the most modern mark uses a high percentage of copper and tin something. These alloys are used to make coins, figurines, accessories, paddles and decorative craft commonly known as bronze.

What are the properties craftsmanship in bronze?

The bronze has always been bastaste less brittle than iron. Bronze is resistant to corrosion, especially to the sea. Unlike common steels, is a better conductor of energy like electricity and heat. The copper alloys are generally more expensive than most steels, although lower than that of nickel. From copper craft and its variations can have a variety of destinations or uses, being the most commonly used high electrical conduction of pure copper. The melting point may vary bronze actual proportion of each component and can be at 950 degrees Celsius. Bronze is a nonmagnetic metal.