A large graphite crucible, caused by an oven, can be full of bronze ingots that end with the bronze sculpture. The metal begins to melt at 1700 ° C. The bronze is grasped and when it stops flowing and shown with the cold, this can occur if the molten bronze is poured into a shell temperature. On the other hand, while being heated bronze in a natural gas furnace, the ceramic shell is heated in a furnace at about 1100 ° F.

When you start this process, starts rising figure with a crane gas boiler. Simultaneously, shiny ceramic shells are held in the oven at the dumping area. A craftsman with the controls and other craftsman has to maintain the balance of the process known as “dead man”. A third casting equipment artisan pushes the molten bronze surface.

We have made a big step in creating a bronze sculpture.

Dumping everything is very fast and very accurate. After casting, is the process during which eliminates investment in the metal. About an hour after the spill, the part is cooled enough to handle. The skill and strength combined with hammers and chisels to knock the investment in newly solidified metal. Doors and drinkers should also be removed with a high-intensity electric arc that can cut through thebronze like butter. The final step is to sandblast the fine investment for the bronze medal. When clean, the progress of thebronze sculpture to the metal shop.