The lost wax casting dates back to the V and VI AC The process involves making a wax casting of a mold which is currently in most cases is of silicone, which has previously been made ​​on an original. Then the silicone coating for added consistency.

Once melted wax and proceed to fill the empty mold between 2 and 5 times, depending on the thickness we want to give to the piece, the piece made ​​in wax proceed to the positioning of the channels through which the metal shall be expelled gases and made this post the piece into a cylinder and a slurry refractory recubriremos.

Later proceed to burn the wax, which is why this type of cast take the name “lost wax casting”. The process consists in introducing into a mold also called muffle furnace, and gradually increasing temperature reaching 750 ° C, maintained at this temperature the molds 24 hours, until completely dry and burning the wax. After this time will place the molds for metal filling.

Loaded with bullion pot will light the oven which will reach about 1200 ° C, once the metal is at its peak melting will proceed to fill the gap left by burning wax, to shape the piece.

Done this will break the outer coating to figure out and proceed to finish later.